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acrylic course opportunity...tons of questions
There is a fantastic, award winning nail artist offering courses in acrylic in November here, and I am considering taking the course. I currently work with gel, took my courses last year so I am still learning that, but it seems there are so many looks that acrylic can achieve that gel can' I wrong, I could just not know enough about the possibilities yet :oops:

Anyways, I have a couple of key questions that have been keeping me from signing up...

Is acrylic a lot harder to learn and manage than gel? I know it would be completely different but on level of difficulty, is it comparable?

Also, I work in a room in my home that is open to the rest of the house, is there a really good odorless system that is recommended?

As for fill time, how much longer does acrylic take to file off than gel?
And can you switch out the colors for the tips every fill like gel?

Thanks to anyone that can help!
The difference between gel and acrylic is like the difference between knitting and can create the same things using a different working medium.
Acrylic requires a different working style and learning curve. The good thing about acrylic is that it self levels, (generally) and then stops moving unlike gel. It will take the same amount of practice to master it as it did for you to learn gel, imo, no harder or easier.
With sharp bits for your efile, you should have no problem removing the acrylic as well as you do for gel.
Can't help you with the odorless, never used it.
Switching colors is easy, and you can actually use both mediums, make the nail with acrylic, then use gel to create the colored tip and apply the shine afterwards.
If it's who I think it is, the course teaches 3D nail art and that is an advanced technique. You will need to learn the basics first (such as mix ratio). If that is not the course I'm thinking of then I'm way off base.

Acrylic is a different technique than gel, for sure. It is not more difficult, just different. As for level of difficulty, everyone is different - some of us learned acrylic first, and really struggled with our gel application (I was one of those people). I can see people trying to 'float' acrylic on the nail the same way you apply gel - acrylic is applied by pressing the product onto the nail.

I also have a home-based studio and I have yet to find an odourless acrylic system that provides the same results as a traditional acrylic - number one complaint is that the product yellows over the 3/4 weeks between appointments. My gels do not yellow, ever. I am toying with the idea of bringing back traditional acrylic but I have to be able to control the odour and I'm going to be checking out the Valentino this weekend. My husband cannot tolerate the smell of monomer in the house.

Gel is much easier to file than acrylic, but the dust is finer. With either system you should have some kind of dust extraction system.

Hope some of this has helped Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thanks for the replies ladies,
the courses are being instructed by Olga Markina, the two I am interested in are nail modelling and mixed media, she has a 3d class and a one stroke class as well, but I think the other two would be better for me.

Let me know how the valentino works for you if you get it Laura, I need a new dust extractor anyways, I just have one of those cheapy tabletop ones and it's not very effective at all for dust and would do nothing whatsoever for the odor of acrylic.

Are some popular monomers less odorous than others? I would like to try some low odor acrylics too, but don't know where to start because I've only ever really learned gel products.

Oh and Donna, I wouldn't say I have mastered gel,lol, but am certainly trying! Wink
OK - not the course I was thinking of although I am aware of those ones too. As long as there is something basic in there I think you will be fine and not get overly frustrated :x You should maybe double check before you register to see if they will be suitable for you.

I have one of those cheapy table top dust extractors too, I used it for awhile then I wanted something a little better so I purchased a Partigon and I love it. It's great for gel dust. But wouldn't do a thing for monomer odour. I think there are some 'low-odour' monomers on the market - I think Young Nails is one. I know some are worse than others. Maybe after this weekend (VivCat event in Toronto) I'll get a better idea of them and hopefully the Valentino will contribute to controlling the odour too. I'll let you know!
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Good to know! I would really appreciate it if you did get back to me, I'd love to be able to work with acrylic in here.
Yeah I contacted the lady that's booking for the courses and she said that acrylic experience is definitely a bonus but that I would be able to focus more on gel and learn basics of modeling with acrylics.
OT>>>I have been looking online at different acrylic systems, and came across this product from mexico called organic that looks exactly like the young nails products, even some of the names are the same, is it the same product under another name?
I believe Organic Nails is how Young Nails has branded their product sold in Mexico. You're not the first person to notice the similarities. Someone told me once they are the same company....don't quote me though.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Ok that's what I figured, thanks!
I think you are very smart to become proficient at both acrylic and gel. Both have so many great features. My favorite thing is to combine the two!

Here's a couple of suggestions.

INM has the best odorless system I have seen.

That being said I would not choose an acrylic line on whether it is odorless or not. Choose your line by its workability, durability, does it self level?, is it smooth before filing? etc.

Use the Valentino to extract fumes and dust-- it is a dream! I wasn't sure I would like it at first but after using it for a period of time with both acrylic and gel I am so happy. I go home after a full day without dust on my glasses, all over my arms, in my clothes. I began using gel about a year and a half ago after using acrylic strictly for 24 years. The dust was so fine it was killing me! So now my new best friend is my Valentino Smile (besides my Mac of course lol)

I will be demoing acrylic and the Valentino at the CNTN event on November 13 and they are going to give one away to a lucky winner!

Happy Nailing!
Carla Collier

P.S. Keep in mind that just because a product acrylic or gel is odorless does not mean you are not breathing in chemicals.
scratchmyback :
> I believe Organic Nails is how Young Nails has branded their product sold in
> Mexico. You're not the first person to notice the similarities. Someone told
> me once they are the same company....don't quote me though.

Someone asked this question on YoungNails' facebook page & Greg said they are not the same product & I want to say he said it's not even theirs.
Wow - thanks for letting me know that. I thought I read somewhere that it was. I stand corrected Smile

And BTW I did try the Valentino out, it was too loud for my space though Sad
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Here's the facebook post...I had to go searching, I had to make sure I passed on the correct info Smile

Marianthi Tsitsopoulou
BIG question:are "Organic Nails" the spanish version of "Young Nails"???
Like · · Sunday at 18:52

Letty Medina i've asked that one before and the answer was no...
Sunday at 20:28 · Like

Young Nails Nope, they are not.
Thank you - I went looking for it and couldn't find it.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
No prob...I like to back up what I say...because if it was me (like you did) I'd go searching for the answer too lol

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