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LIght Elegance LEXY gels?...Has anyone used it? I am really frustrated with the hard gels I currently use ... Akzentz LED PROFORMANCE
My clients are having air pockets and the nails are soft and gummy. I have a brand new Akzentz LED light so it's not the lamp itself. I have tried reaching out to Gina and she gave me some tips which I have done and it's not working. I CAN'T be the only one having these problems
Can anyone tell me if they are having any problems?
My clients are getting frustrated as well as me and it's going to turn them away from having there nails done so I need some other professional gel products people use that is LED compatible and a warm/cool coverage pink
I'd ask them to replace the lamp it sounds like something is wrong
Wow, I could've written this post. . .

I switched over to the Akzentz Proformance gels last year, from the Akzentz Classic hard gel. I had nothing but problems with the Adhere, Structure, and Enhance. Was told it was probably my lamps, which were not Akzentz brand but an off brand, so I ended up buying two new Akzentz UV lamps as well as two new Akzentz LED lamps. Small fortune spent there. Continued to have problems, was told to switch from the Adhere back to Opti-Bond. Then Akzentz released Balance, and that helped significantly, but still had many clients having issues. In the past couple of months, I've switched many of my clients back over to the Akzentz Classic line. I was getting beyond frustrated!

Then I saw that Light Elegance was offering online video "classes" and that they now had the LED Lexy line. I already use almost exclusively the LE colors and glitter gels. So I decided to give it a try, thinking the combination of a different LED gel plus using the hard gels from the same company that I get my colors from couldn't hurt anything.

I've picked up quite a bit from the videos, it's always good to see how someone else does things. Plus it's nice to see step by step which gels are recommended for an overlay, tip, etc.

I've only tried the Lexy line on a few clients, my guinea pigs, just last week so I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to see how they did. I did do an overlay on myself and so far so good. I also did a full set with tips on my 17-year-old daughter and they've held up beautifully through two softball games and ten games of couples sand volleyball.

I guess time will tell, but really hoping this will solve most of my issues. I literally have to keep a log for each client because I have to use so many different gel combinations on each client with the Proformance and Classic lines. It would be nice to to know that with a new set, I need to use this gel, or with an overlay this one, instead of the constant trial and error I've been having to do.

I'm sure you were only wanting people's two cents, but I'm pretty sure I just wrote out a good dollar's worth there, lol, it's just that I completely understand your frustration!
Keep us posted...I'm in a salon that uses LE -I want them to order Lexy line and hope the Lexy Extreme is the same as using the original Extreme - curious!
Hey Pixie
Please keep me posted. I sent for a sample of the LE over a week ago but haven't received it yet. I got LCN Product to try and felt the product was already harder but a client I did just yesterday said a nail popped off! I am NOT happy! Anyone use LCN???!! She's coming for repair tomorrow! Why did this happen?

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