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Anyone with neck problems?
I've been doing nails for 16 years and recently started having extreme neck pain. Went to the ortho doc last week, they did X-rays and said my top two discs look normal but the rest are all completely flat. Put me in a cervical collar, on prednisone, arth meds and muscle relaxers and i start PT tmrw. The doc said if I continue to do nails and sit with my head down all day it will get worse fast. I am very sad that I have to give up doing nails. Does anyone else have problems and is there some way to get around it? I don't know how I could possibly do nails with my head up. Another thing that triggers my pain is using my left hand to keep clients fingers in a position that I can see. Just was hoping someone else experienced this and found a solution.
Hiya hun! Sorry to hear of your neck issues. I think this is something all nail techs have to deal, might just be in different degrees of seriousness. Not much advice I can offer you about disc part of the problem. One thing I do in reference to clients hands is make sure their arms are relaxed and in a position that I don't have to keep their fingers in a position. One way of doing is that is to ask them to relax their shoulders, make sure theirs arms are relaxed and on the table and I have their elbows out at each corner of my table cushion. The more relaxed they are, the easier your job will be. I've been getting massages on a regular basis and hope that will help me with any neck issues. Been at it for 15 yrs now and so far so good. Wish ya the best and hope you can still do what you love!
Oh, I feel your pain!
I had a car accident over a year ago and sustained injury to my neck as I was sitting in my already slumpy bad posture. Although I will have pain the rest of my life from the accident, I get regular back and neck adjustments. It does help temporarily. I will be watching this post to see others recommondations. Everyone says surgery will be in my future, but those that have had surgery still have pain.

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