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CND Shellac with LED lamp
Now that CND has a new LED lamp. Has anyone tried curing Shellac with a different brand LED lamp? How are the results?

CND has said that Shellac was only UV cured with "their" UV lamp. Now they launch an LED lamp, and now Shellac cures in "their" LED lamp.


Be as creative as you can be and you will never be ordinary!
I have used another brand LED lamp to cure Shellac and it works!
Supposedly cnd didnt change the shellac formula to work with an led lamp but rather created an led lamp that would work with shellac so technically cnd shellac will still only cure on their lamp. It's hard to really tell if it's cured properly with other lamps because gel polish hardens with being as little as 50% cured so although by looking at it, it seems perfect, it could still be very well not cured and could be exposing your clients to ingrdients that could create an allergy towards gel polishes. It's definitely something to think about!
(07-05-2015, 06:21 PM)BLINGINABOX Wrote: I have used another brand LED lamp to cure Shellac and it works!

Thanks for the info. I don't want to keep buying new lamps for every product I use.

Be as creative as you can be and you will never be ordinary!
don't buy a new one for each line
I'm in Sillysoup's camp. I have an Artistic LED lamp and I use it for everything. Before anyone decides to go all flame-war on me, don't bother; I won't be impressed.

This is part of my reply to another post; it fits here too. (I'm so grateful for cut & paste)


I'm not a fan of manufacturers who very nearly bully newbie techs into buying everything they can think of. That's one of the reasons that recent grads wind up staying in this business for such a short time. They realize they can't make a living when the products and attendant equipment are so expensive. These poor girls thought they'd have a career where they could make their own hours, yet they find themselves working 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Admittedly, I spend probably too much on product but if we don't try new things, we don't learn new things.

I mix products. I use my Artistic LED lamp to cure all the SOGs I have. Gelish, Shellac (I only use the basecoat because it works best on a few of my clients), ProGel, Just Gel, Gelousy and so on. For that matter, I used that lamp to cure Elite and TEN gels because I didn't much care for the Gelish hard gel I spent a trainload of $$$ on. I just needed to wipe the sticky off and apply in extremely, and I do mean extremely thin coats.


Manufacturers exist to make mega money. The more they convince us to buy, the more they make. Simple economics. Take care of your own economics before you take care of theirs.

Ok, climbing off my soapbox now...

Jan in CO
There's no such thing as a universal lamp. I respect Jan's opinion, but science is science.

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