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Product breakdown?
I am wracking my brain for reasons that two back to back (new) clients had problems with their nails. I don't normally have lifting or breaking problems so I'm hoping it's just the product. I used CND Perfect Color in Neutral Pink-Opaque and Pure White on one and then the neutral pink and a clear with red pigment mix on the other. Both of them had severe lifting and breaking within the first week. The Pink was opened in May of last year and this is only the 3rd time it's been used. I do pink and whites a lot but normally use Intense pink or Natural and like I said, I don't normally have this severe of problems. Only one of them sent me photos but they basically had the same problems with lifting and breakage. The way they broke my first thought was she was being too rough but the more I think about that the more I'm wondering if it's the powder. They broke in the apex area which is odd to me.

I guess I'm just hoping to get people to agree with me because my professional feelings are hurt a little bit and I don't want the problem to be ME lol. I'm going ahead and give them both full refunds because both refuse to come back to let me rectify. Ugh! Which is fine, one came in specifically for disney nails because she was going on a disney cruise and took time out to email while ON the ship. The other was going on a cruise as well. I hate anyone being disappointed and they're spending good money to come see me, that part makes me sick to my stomach. I pretty much had my butt handed to me through emails. :/

I definitely don't want this happening again so any advice is helpful whether it's product or me. Thanks!

I've used powder older than that with no issues. If its breaking at the apes either the apex is too thin or they are really hard on their nails. As for lifting, was it an abnormally humid/dry day? Maybe your mix ratio was off ? Idk, just thinking off the top of my head here.

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