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Help please :)
Hello! I am the owner of a small boutique and nail salon. We are a store that sells all sorts of unique clothing and accessories, as well as home decor, bath and body products and more, AND we provide manicure/pedicure services, spray tanning and eyebrow and lip waxing. We have recently been considering converting some space in the store to do facials/skin care services as well. The "issue" I am pondering, is that because it is also a store here, I worry that it doesnt have that "spa/relaxing" feel... So, here are my questions (I am a nail tech, so I am not sure about this stuff Smile )
Does everyone who gets a facial expect a quiet, fall asleep type of facial?
Are there facials/skin care services that are a bit more suited for a noisier environment?
And, just to be clear, it's not like there are parties happening here, with this crazy amount of raucous going on... its just that there is talking, laughing, and the occasional noisy child in the shop Smile
Thanks for your feedback!
Quiet relaxing music can sometimes give a more relaxing atmosphere. You could also post a sign near the area that says. Soft voices please. Treatment in session.
Soft voices is essential during spa and facial. People come to you for a relaxing and they need a sweet and silent environment.
I rent a room in the back of a small salon with 2 stations in a hundred year old building, so needless to say there is some noise. But there are many things I have done to soften it such as running a white noise machine or small fan, pick only music that has a constant rhythm (no dead spots), run a small water fountain, even making a custom thick curtain to go on the door which is thin and seems to be where most of the noise comes from. It seems like a lot going on but when done right the clients don't notice it. Putting a sign out front has helped too. All these things together make it a very relaxing experience despite a little noise out front (in fact many of my clients fall asleep). It can be done successfully, as long as you have great services and do your best to drown out the noise.
Yes, I do agree soft music or voices play a big role to keep you relaxed while taking spa
I don't actually know about the space you have but yes a calm and relaxing environment is expected! Have you wondered or thought about adding some temporary walls or room dividers?
(07-20-2016, 08:17 AM)cynthiamyra Wrote: Yes, I do agree soft music or voices play a big role to keep you relaxed while taking spa

Soft much can be accepted. Customers will enjoy with that.
I get my dress there each year for the Birthday Ball and always get compliments. Designer gown for like 100, yes please.

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