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Gel and LED Lamp? Please Help!?!?
I'm currently going through some trial and error with my UV lamp. I invested in my lamp for about $50 and when I received it the manual did not express how to insert the bulbs, first boo boo. Once I got the bulbs snapped in place they always felt as if they were wobbling or on the verge of falling out, second boo boo. I did a few sets of gels and a few came out ok but either one or two nails did not cure all the way or the gel appeared either pinched or crumbling, third boo boo. I am ultimately frustrated and I've been hearing rumor that the LED cures faster and in a shorter period of time, the bulbs do not need to be changed and over all it's a better investment than the UV lamp. If anyone has current or prior knowledge please share!!!

Why do you recommend LED vs. UV and do you know of any gel polishes that are compatible with an LED light?
I've been in your shoes...bought an inexpensive lamp, then bought an inexpensive LED lamp...only to be just as frustrated. . .
With that said your best to use the proper lamp with the gel system you are applying. . .
Some ppl say that the OPI LED lamp is quite powerful, but I personally wouldn't cure Shellac in it.
If you use a particular brand, use the lamp that goes with it and save yourself the headaches.
LED is a bit faster in timing, however depending on your application time it might not make any difference - some people take 2 minutes or more to apply gel...some LED gels cure in 30 seconds some in 60 seconds....
I like the LED because of the cost of bulbs with the uv lamp,nice not to have to buy bulbs. I have way to many lamps now I have 5 uv and 5 led. I use CND so I got their new led lamp but I use OPI gel polish I have 2 of the older OPI and I just got the new led OPI . I just wish someone would make one the would do all like have a button for cnd , OPI etc I hate having so many lamps . I would love to just have the LED but I still use my uv for my top coat on the hard gel hope to find a top coat for the led that I like so I can only have my led .
I bought a uv lamp and I can't get it to turn on any ideas
Contact manufacturer

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