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full set vs fill - GEL
Is it just me or what.... I STRUGGLE with a full set vs a fill in gel.... I think because I don't do full sets often enough. . . Glue on tips frazzles me- I take forever sizing, glue goes all over, take forever blending because I don't want to hurt anyone --- then the other option is forms- again take forever getting them like hell before o file them....but I prefer this method - however o feel like I take too long... gosh I try to get ppl to do am overlay amd let their natural nail grow out.... ugh frustrated
Fills - so much easier :-)
How long have you been doing nails? It may look easy to do gel, but takes awhile to master. I have been doing nails for well over 20 years and have been doing gel for 10 years.
I love gel and prefer to do forms and it still takes me about 2 hours for a full set. I do mostly hand file and my clients come to me because of that. Be patient with yourself. Pick a method and master it! Then you can move to the next thing.
3 years and I do a fill in about an hour 15 mins...but I think my best bet is the forms. ..I'm sure the more I don't easier it gets....I have to really learn to get past my lack of confidence. . . I did an overlay of gel amd a pedi today and the gal was thrilled - she tipped me 50% of the service cost....she was so happy - Soni know I can do good - I got to get out of my own way!

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