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time management
I recently started working in a spa doin natural manicure and pedicure and gel polish. I've only been working for two weeks and im having trouble with doing the service within 45 minutes for a pedicure, 30 minutes for a manicure, and one hour for a gel polish. Can anyone give me some tips on how i can speed up these services while giving the client a good experience.
Have everything out ready for any service .if doing a pedicure have the water running and remove the polish and then soak for 5 minutes .remove one foot and trim and shape and clean the nail add callus and cuticle remove wrap and move to other foot .go back to the first and push cuticles back remove the callus remover and file the callous off ,do a srub and put back in water do the same to the other next do your lotion on both and then polish . Alway work the same on everyone .i go from my left to right .if you talk a lot try to talk less until you get it down . They can pick the polish out while soaking that way no time is wasted Hope this help
I do set up everything up for my service the pedicures are almost like a dry pedicure we soak their feet the bring them to the pedicure chair. Remove polish.file feet. Clip and file toenails. Apply cuticle remover. Push back the cuticles. Apply scrubb. Wrap foot in hot towel. Remove scrub n cuticle remover with towel and nip the cuticles. Buff nails. Apply cuticle oil. Massage leg and foot. Remove oil from nail plate. Then polish
Sounds like you're doing right .it takes time .but one thing I learn was onces you file or nip whatever get it done the first time don't go back and redo .
Thank you! @lz43my
I think those times are reasonable. One thing that I used to do is forget what I'm doing. Kind of like when you go into a room and you don't remember why you went in there. I would put down one tool/product and pause for a second before getting the next thing I needed. What helped is to think: every time I'm putting something down I'm picking something up. Like you put down the file and pick up the cuticle remover. You put down the cuticle remover and pick up the pusher. As I put something down I'm already thinking about what I'm going to pick up next. That has helped speed up my times by reducing "brain farts."
I do find myself getting brain farts sometimes i think because im nervous and over thinking about my time. Ive realized when i just relax and just do it I have no problem but when the other nail techs remind me to not go over 45 minutes i get side tracked cuz im more focused on my time then trying to make sure the client has a good service.

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