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Startup Nail salon
Hello, everyone I go by Kelly Blue. My sister and I are opening up a small nail salon and the historic district of a small town. We have bought all of our furniture from locals or websites like craigslist and many others. We have recycled all of the the furniture. we were pretty scared at first because we are not the best at being creative but everything is looking really great. better than we actually expected. We have yet to finish painting the walls or to buy chairs for our nail techs but we are in the process of trying to win the chairs over within our price range in within budget being that we are doing everything with just our savings and our pay checks. we have stayed way below budget and we are proud of that. we need advice on how to hire the best for our small nail salon. how to bring people into the small shop? we also will offer small (DIY) classes on how to make indie nail polish mostly for the children in the area. if you have any advice as to what we can do please help because we are so nervous for grand opening which is June 1st if everything goes well. how can we market ourselves what can we put on our flyers what should we do/ I know im asking for a lot but we need the help thank you once [/font]again

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