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Odd , just odd...
Wondering if you all might know what this is or if my client just read something wrong...she had her nails done in an all Asian Salon , her description ,while she was in FLA. She said all the gel polish said "Wash off" on the bottles. I asked if maybe she was mistaken and it read "Soak off " ,instead . She emphatically said no ,Krissie ,it said WASH OFF...she didn't know what brand they were either...I have no clue ,never heard of such a thing ,have any of you ?
you never know Smile it could be one of those translation things.. often you know they rebottle their products.. so soak off could better translate to wash off maybe??
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Lol, funny you say that ,because I said the same thing to her about a translation thing. I also suggested that because it is possible they have so many different products ,they know that if the bottle says wash off ,they need to wipe off after the final cure ,since some things are "no cleanse" after the final cure...she also said it was a new ,nice ,upscale looking place ,but the girl ,her area ,and all of her bottles of products ,etc ,were filthy. Needless to say she is not going back there ,for that ,and a long list of other reasons. I told her they are not all like that ,but she knows. This is not the first all Asian place she has been ,and she and I have been happy with the others she has been to. Maybe it was just a bad day...
That's why the manufacturer should contact professional translation services :D Once I read on the bottle "remove the nail plate," instead of "degrease" :huh:

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