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Top Nail Gels for Salon
Most of us have their own favorites but I’d like to ask what are the top nail gels out there that should be in every salon’s beauty stash. I’m working on a survey to do recommendations for one of my friend’s business, []. The site is still new but any recommendations would be great! Thanks!
My salon only carries LCN....which I like but I also would like to offer an alternative gel perhaps that was so expensive for the client that can't afford a $50 gel fill.....
My personal favorites include Akzentz, Light Elegance, Masterworks & IBD....IBD is a staple hard gel system in most walk in salons in my area.
OPI gel polish, (clients knows the OPI name )I have been using Brisa Hard Gel for 8 years, but I just started using Cuccio Hard Gel and I'm loving it . Cures in 30 seconds in LED light . My clients love it too. I never had much of a lifting problem but now the ones that did ( pickers) are coming back with no lifting at all
As for gel polish - most salons gravitate towards OPI or Gelish....I feel like Shellac is always good too. I personally think Akzentz Luxio is the best....the gel polish is smooth, lasts so long, great colors, you can also use their Options soak off line. We use LCN reclousion and that is a Fav as well - especially over the ordinary ones you always see ....I think standing out and carrying a different line is a great idea! Regular nail polish I love LCN - it applies so well....but Young Nails Caption looks very good (saw it at IBS)
Thank you. I will stick with your recommendations (LCN & OPI). Is Orly any good though if I decided to add some more color selections.
Gelish is still the top, IBD & LeChat Perfect Match are also on my collection now.
I have Gelish ,OPI ,a few Shellac ,some IBD , True Gel ,Lechat ,Gel Luv ,and Angel , ( Deenterprises)...OPI and Shellac are my least favorites ,usually if there are issues ,it is always with them ,but I have found that all the brands have their "DUDS". I have an entire drawer full of DUDS...
Lexibunny I am glad to hear someone else has a drawer full of Duds, it ticks me off you trust a product, then you get a color does not cure right and peels off. then I am out the money. sometimes you think it must be me no one else complains. thanks

I use Star nail gel, but have been experimenting with Light Elegance and Brisa, i have to much breaking with Star. if i could get the hard gel with LED in Canada that would be nice.

Personal Pampering Esthetics
Smiths Falls, On Canada
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate
Babbs ,I could fill an entire wall rack with my drawer full of DUDS, lol !
Has anyone used bio gel?

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