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Essie LED lamp vs OPI LED lamp
Hi does anyone know which lamp is best? I am looking for a good LED lamp that can cure gel polish and LED cured hard gel like Gelish hard gel. These two lamps have been the two I seem to like the most. The OPI lamp has 32 led bulbs inside and the Essie has 9 led bulbs. OPI says that each bulb is 1 watt. Essie told me the lamp has 60 watts total. I'm a bit confused about Essie, because, even if I divided the total of total watts with the amount bulbs, it does not calculate correctly. Some LED lamps have 2 watts per bulb.

Can anyone help in clarifying this and let me know what their thoughts are about the two LED lamps? I have attended both classes, however, the nail instructor did not know how to answer my questions.

Be as creative as you can be and you will never be ordinary!
Be as creative as you can be and you will never be ordinary!

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