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What do you charge??? & i dont know about this...
We had a wedding party come in yesterday & we charged them $30. for full sets & are Reg. price is $40.

Now I did 5 girls DeDe did 3 girls & Theresa did 1 of the girls. lot of girls for one day & I got confused & feel I did way more for little price but it is a wedding.

I know the bride she is my client, but 1 client did something totally out of the ordenary & she was the brides sister. She had me cover 4 nails with all glitter 2 with glitter tip & 4 with just plain white & the bride came in today & told me she didnt like them that she thought she was going to get the 1 color glitter on all the nails like all the other girls. The bride could not believe the colors on the nails & I told her that I gave her the color that all the others had on & she wanted more colors to add to her nails & mind you this girl has never worn nails before. I dont know what she was thinking putting all those colors on but I feel the sister did it on purpose cause she is a half sister & she is the best bridesmaid or how ever you put it but I feel the girl did it on purpose & the bride is blaming me for it & her sister & her girlfriend slash boyfriend picked the colors & i told her are you sure, that this is the color that the bride wanted all the girls to wear & she said she wanted the other colors too. She only put the right color on 2 nails & did the others different. I feel the bride blames me for the wrong colors & I told her she picked the colors & I repeated to her sister several times are you sure & she said yes. I feel bad for the bride, she hates the nails & she is getting merried tomorrow & I think she feels its my fault but its not... Its her sister & girl lover that picked out the color not me... I just hope that it goes well even though the nails are not all what she wanted... =((
Just did a wedding charged 5.00 off reg price each set. Did the bride free. Had 9 girls did hand and toes .they were happy with it .the only reason I didn't charge full price is because the brides mother paid for all of it and she a good friend of mine.did shellac on all the toes and most of the hands only did tips if the had no nails and only did what the bride wanted. If the wanted something else the had to pay full price but I was lucky everyone done what the bride asked for
That was a hefty discount they got, so I too feel like you didnt get enough, but what can ya do? I wouldn't worry about the nails on the sister/bridesmaid. You did what she asked, and confirmed it several times. Its not on you to baby sit, or question the client over and over, you did the right thing. Let them work it out. If she calls back to complain about it being your fault in any way, just let her know you asked about the color, and the sister said yes, and she was the client so you did what she wanted. Remind the bride who is your current client that she is going to have to figure out a way to deal with her own sister and whatever is between them, has nothing to do with you.
I guess in hindsight, the bride to be should have OK'd the change. But, you did what you were told to do. I hope you don't get too much flack from it from your client. Kinda sounds like Sis was making a point to the bride. Maybe a bit of jealousy?, trying to take away from a day that's supposed to be all about the bride and NOT the maid of honor.
Ya I hope everything goes ok when she comes back in for her nails. Her sister is a little different i will say that but i do hope it goes ok & that she will be ok when she comes back in... oh the butterflies are rumbling already... Sad(
That would give me butterflies too. But, ya know, if that is what the girl wanted and the bride din't have any stipulations, it wasn't your fault. Not to mentioned how little you charged them. Should have been the bride being grateful, but weddings don't always bring out the best in some people.

Know in your heart you did what was right and that all will be fine. If you focus on aprehension, then that is what you will get.

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