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5 Common Workplace Hassles - Nailpro wants your feedback...
Hi Ladies!

I'm wrapping up another Nailpro magazine article and would love your feedback.

This one is about 5 Common Workplace Challenges.

If you can participate by the end of today, I just need your SOLUTION to one or more of the following situations...

1. The light in the salon is lacking. (Advice on how to get/create good lighting in your work area)

2. My stool/chair is so uncomfortable. (Advice on the best seats, as well as tips on posture)

3. Where/How can I store my nail products, polishes, etc.? (Advice on storing tools, product, etc. at the salon)

4. I don't have a dedicated station. Where do I put my personal items?

5. One of the techs at my salon talks too much and is disruptive to me and my clients. What can I do?

You can now be a part of future articles I'm writing. Log your contact info here: and you'll be the first to know about new projects I'm working on!


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