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Crystal Nails Gel Line
Has anyone used Cryatal Nails Xtreme gel or any of their other gels? How do you like the products and are they easy to work with? I am looking for a gel line and heard great things about Crystal Nails.

If you can recommend another gel line, feel free to do so. Thanks!

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Washington, DC
I love gel II... and Cuccio! They both stay great!
HI- I have used and they are very good. There is a lot to look at and I'm not quite sure which are UV and which are LED - I find that there is so much info but hard to navigate. I did hear of some shipping and receiving issues, but I ordered their sample kits and got them right away....?
I love the way the product works- I have the titanium kit and its great. I found it easy easy easy to use.
The salon I'm in is a strictly LCN salon-- At home I'm use CN on friends.
Try a sample

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