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Looking for a flatter nail tip
there use to be a brand "Simplicity", a guy in Anaheim made them... they fit so many clients so well, a slightly flatter tip, great side support that was not intrusive, with the best taper off at the application edge anyone has ever made.
he used to talk about how many he scrapped because that super thin edge was hard to mold/cast? properly
I suppose he retired, one day, no answer on the phone and no one at the shop...
I used the OPI Expansion for a while, discontinued now, I've been told

I'm still looking for a nail tip that is a little flatter in the arch (and nice straight sides) than Formation (2nd fave) or any of the others I've tried

Anyone know of one that is a little flatter, good side coverage and good quality?
flatter tip is like the days that we drink out of the garden hose.
structure and shape trend is what the mass want, sorry to buss your bubble but manufactures only make what can sell.
J Pham
No boundaries, just possibility.
Drinking out of the garden hose was a bad idea because it is unhealthy, so.. I don't see the correlation.

some times manufacturers miss an important fact... with nail tips, fit is what is important not "trends", there are a lot of people who have flatter nails.

trends can be geared by fast talking marketing analysts need to justify their job...
hence the drug addict/vampire fashion in nail magazines... have nothing to do with real life clients or use and success of a product
and, manufactures make a lot of things that don't sell....

you are accepting the concept that tv producers put out, "we give the public what they want" when in fact, the public can only watch what is produced

someday some one will revive the concept of making nail tips that fit more clients nails
Wendy I have some OPI Expansion tips in my inventory. I bought them years ago and never used them. I moved recently, so they're packed in a box, but if I can find them, I'm happy to sell them to you.

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Washington, DC
This is an old article so some of these have been discontinued, but still good for reference

OPI Perspective and Backscratcher Nouveau have some of what you are looking for. It doesn't sound like you are looking for a tip with little C-curve as much as you are looking for a tip that fits everyone and is snug? If you find a tip with the tapered side you are looking for you could always file a V into the well and use a gel adhesive like CND Gelbond. A great alternative when you need to customize Smile

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