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Gel Polish Storage
I'm just wondering how everyone stores there gel polishes. I have mine on polish racks on the wall. I'm running out of room & I don't have any more wall space. Lol. But, I'm noticing that some of my gel polishes are thickening in the bottles. What does this happen?

Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
We have swatch sticks that we paint so clients can see the color, but we store the polish itself in plastic containers in a closed cabinet. They do not get exposed to light except while we are performing a service, but they still get thick and go bad on us - OPI Gelcolor is the worst. It happens with the top and base coats as well. We now label our top and base coats with the date they were opened so we can keep track of how long it takes for them to "go bad", but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it; sometimes it's 4 months sometimes it is 1 month! Very annoying!
I am running out of room as well. It is hard because I am a booth renter so I buy all of my own stuff and have to store it myself, where the regular nail polish the salon buys because we have both booth renters and commission so we all use the regular nail polish.
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I purchased a Black Sears Craftsman metal tool box on wheels with lots of different sized drawers. It's about 5 feet tall. We call it our "big bling box". We label the (paper) boxes from each company on the top when a shipment of gel polish comes in, and just store them in the little labeled boxes in the drawers. We have swatch rings made up for clients to choose polishes.

After I bought the black unit, I found out they come in some better colors by special order. Undecided

Some clients think it is cool that we use a guy's toolbox to store our polish, and frankly some are bewildered by it and think it's odd - and they tell me so. Thinking of adding some Swarovski Crystals and hand painting to it for decorative purposes so maybe those clients won't be quite so put out about it's presence in the spa! But it sure is a great set up for easy and efficient storage, and the drawers are sturdy and hold quite a bit of weight.

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