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Massage Therapy?
Im graduating in August. I was thinking of getting 6 months off school. But my mother wants me to keep on going.
So my question is: Is Massage Therapy a good job?
Money wise and job opportunities?

Once upon a time I was a lead masseuse at a large resort hotel. When someone applied for a job they were taken from human resources to the hotel manager and spa managers to 'complete' their interview. And then the were told they'd have to go downstairs to do
a massage for a woman who'd 'hung out' in the spa for a long time.
I was that woman.
As the typical massage client I would ask the typical questions -- Where did you go to school (I knew all the schools of the time) where did you work before this (I knew all the people within 100 miles) and what brought you into this work?
The first two questions were not exactly make-it or break it. People tend to exaggerate in order to get the job. The third question always determined if they would get the job.
What brought you here?
The person who said they had heard there was good money here or the person who said they knew they'd be near the big musicians and that was where their heart was didn't get the job.
The person who said this is who I am, this is where all my interests are tax deductions,this is what is will do whether I'm paid to do it or not -- that person got the job. And that person made an excellent living with excellent benefits.
And. They were long time employees who had no carpal tunnel or other burn out issues.
I knew that that person was teachable. That person could be coached and would be willing to work through whatever difficulties they encountered. In order to do the work they loved, the work they were called to.

I think yes, Massage therapy is a promising profession. Nowadays, most of the people know the benefits of massage therapy and they believe that they will get the best result from this technique. Massage therapy clients are of different categories, people who seek the help for chronic pain and people who are opting this therapy as a relaxation technique. Both the categories are obtaining good results as well. I'm glad to say that I'm a massage therapy client. I used to get massage therapy with the guidance of an expert in Burlington ( It is an important part of my health maintenance. If you want to take massage therapy as your profession, then make sure that you are getting the best education. All the best.

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