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Animal prints in airbrush !
I used to think animal prints were a passing fancy, but I get a lot of requests for this airbrush art !!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: fyo9e9.jpg][/img]
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Very unique look. Love the mix of the animal print with rhinestones. I'm all about things that!!
I hate to say it but the more bling added the higher the fee!
My clients loved it when I do custom work. They would bring in a
outfit with certain patterns and the nails would minic their outfit.
So a simple fill would turn into a $65.00 set just adding a few drops of airbrush paint !!!!!!!!!!!!
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You did a great job on that design. I used to a.b. long ago but got out of it. I remember seeing a design similiar to this one and loving it. My skill level just wasn't up to it, tho. Now, there's quieter compressors which is one reason I got out of it, too much noise. Plus the cleaning, my a.b. was a b*tch to clean! Wasn't worth the I miss it!
These are gorgeous! I hope I will gain this type of skill.
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I cannot say that I enjoy the clean-up, but working smarter with my colors
using lighter colors first ending with the darker colors.This helped me get done in about 10 mins. I would pop my gun into the cleaning solution and I would be ready for my next client.
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I like them, reminds me of Jerselycious the tv reality show Big Grin :wink:
Smile Wow! Those are incredible ...
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Thank you, this design is one of my favorites!
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