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Addams Family hand painted nail art *pic*
I had my daughter home for the weekend from college, nice that she lives less than 30 miles away. She requested some of the Addams Family for her current nail art. All hand painted, on as you can see, short nails. Using tiny brushes and acrylic paint. She found photos for me to reference the style she wanted each character to be in. It took me just under 3 hours. ( talk about eye strain ) I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as she enjoys wearing them.
[Image: AddamsFamily-1-1.jpg]
Smile OMG Peggy!
They are Fantastic!!
You are soooooooooooo talented.. Thank you so much for sharing these.
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i was just watching that cartoon on tv yesterday..too funny.. great job!!!
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Oddly enough I'm not that familiar with the Addam's Family, but they look great!!

and hey, where did the "LIKE" button go???
Quote:ColleenNY :
> Oddly enough I'm not that familiar with the Addam's Family, but they look great!! and hey, where did the "LIKE" button go???
Not familiar with the Addams Family? Oh girl, you have to at least youtube the Addams Family Intro. Big Grin And I dont know where the like button is. I need it. haha
I'm showing my age when I say I grew up watching the original Addams Family.......loved all the characters but Lurch was my fave......

Great job, Peggy, you did awesome!
Haha well let me clarify: I know who they are but I've never watched the show or the movies. The Munsters, however; is one of my favorite shows!!!
That is the cutest nails I have ever seen, love them... =]
Thank you guys, your all very sweet.
Omgsh those look great!!
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Awesome! But I gotta ask the obvious - what did you do with the other 2 nails ???
Laura Merzetti
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Toronto, Ontario Canada
LOL. She went back to her college dorm before I looked at the photos and the last 2 were not clear at all. They said "their spooky and their kooky". Same font as the words on the others.
Awww that's fun! Wish those pics came out.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Two thumbs up! Smile What do you use for the fine detailing? Heard of some type of pens that Michael's sell, are these the same thing you used? thanks so much.
These ones were all done with very fine small brushes and acrylic paint. I do have nail art dual paint pens with a very tiny tip and the striping brush inside. I have used that pen in my other tutorials. It just depends on what I am creating as to what brush or tool I will use. I get my brushes at Michaels and they are so tiny. Smile

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