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Going Mobile?
I am considering the idea of taking my nails to the street and going mobile. I am looking for a tech who is out there and already doing this to toss ideas around with. Any mobile tech out there that could help?
I'm not mobile because it isn't allowed in my state. So I would suggest that you first check with your state regulatory agency and make sure it is allowed.

Hope someone can chime in some suggestions for you.
I was mobile for a little over a year, my clients loved it, but I am now back at a salon. I just got tired of lugging stuff. I had it pretty compact, but... also, I live in upstate NY and don't like driving all over in the winter. I didn't advertise, only took referrals, because I didn't want to end up at someone's house that made me uncomfortable (if you know what I mean). If you want to ask any questions, please do.
Idkwidk~It's nice to see another upstater here...Where are you in upstate NY? I am in the Pulaski area. Smile
Light Elegance Educator
Idkwidk--THANK YOU!!!!

I have verified mobile is ok in my state. I have decided what services I will be offering, and a plan to expand services as I start making more money.

I am still trying to figure out how to sanitize my implements when I am on the road, so any suggestions there would help.

But my biggest hurdle is the marketing end. How did you build your clientele without a store front or salon to build on?
I had a few customers from the salon where I used to work, and they referred people to me. I usually carried enough "kits" (everything I would need for however many manis/pedis I had) to get me through the day. Most people would save their files, slippers, etc for their next use. I also would suggest a cheap vinyl table cloth to put on their floors, under where you are working, in case anything spills. I also used a beach towel under the pedi spa. I found that if they had a foot stool, that was easier to use (because of your back), and then didn't have to carry around a chair. I would use their table for nails and just rest their feet on my legs for the pedis. Most people have tray tables, that I would set my stuff up on. They were always willing to help me out with things they had, so I wouldn't have that much more to carry in.
While I do have my own shop, I also do mobile. However, I only do shut-ins that are referred to me. I also do one day a week in another small town. I basically have my whole shop mobile! I have enough implements to get me through the day and only have to sanitize at the end of the day when I get back to the shop. I have 3'X18" cosco plastic table and a kneeling stool that I take with me and they have carry handles. I have 3 rolling beauty cases: one medium for L&P Acrylic and Silk/Fiberglass wraps, one medium case for gel/gel polish and one large case for natural nail/pedicures. That way I only take into each appointment what I need and the rest stays in the car. I am waaaaay too chicken to go into a strangers home so I only work on a referral basis from people I know and can vouch for them.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I would love to open one as well, In Reno Nevada. I have known a few to do this in this state so assume its okay. I would check obviously before hand. But the Licencing, is it the same? and how does state board check up on you? Do you have to keep your stuff in your vehicle when they inspect? Do you charge more becuase of the travel? and do you find usually your clients upscale/higher class? or more Elderly?
Thank you for the input!

For those who are interested I have opened up a Facebook group for mobile techs. I thought the majority of mobile techs work alone and could use others to bounce ideas off of and have an outlet to catch up with other techs doing the same thing. Feel free to check it out! Just search for the group Mobile Nail Technicians and request to join.
Quote:I would love to open one as well, In Reno Nevada. I have known a few to do this in this state so assume its okay. I would check obviously before hand. But the Licencing, is it the same? and how does state board check up on you?

I would guess each state is different, but when checking here in Illinois I was told that I would need to register as a salon and list my home address for state inspections. That way they would be able to find me and see what I am up to.

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