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Good morning,
I'm new to the forum, I start reading yesterday and reply to a post, but now I have a question. I train as a beauty therapist in 1997 in London UK, work for few years then stopped for about 10 years. 2 years ago I decided to start again as my child is older. I opened a home base beauty studio here in Germany where I live now with my family. Okay now you can see that when I did my course, wasn't to much products for manicures, you just use normal nail polishes or did acrylic (that I did not like and never work with). But now with all this new products, is like a sweet shop, hard to decide what go for. Huh. I decided for Shellac as no need for buffing(I found that some times is necessary to smooth the nail bed) and I use the complete programme, from base coat, uv light from CND and so on, no mix with others brands. My point is, I like Shellac because of the amazing shine that really last, but a little disappointed as don't last so long without chipping, also after a wile the polish get thicker in the bottle and is hard to do a thin coat. I wonder if the problem is because I do a Wet Manicure, as is the way I learned , also I found that if you do a dry one is difficult to remove the cuticle. So my point is: using gel soak of polishes is possible to do a wet manicure??Huh
thanks for your help. My email is [email protected]
When I do a shellac manicure I use CND's cuticle away to remove the cuticle. I don't soak the hand In water. I just spray with a mixture of soap and water to deactivate the cuticle away after I pushed the cuticles back. Works great. I don't really have any chipping. Shellac also has to be really shaken up before use.

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