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January blues......
OK - I've read that January is a slower month.... I'm just not sure why- your nails still need to be done? Same as hair?
Is EVERYONE experiencing this?
My sad average of 3-5 clients per week is less if you can believe that!
I'm in NJ!
I'm a little down but I still have my regluar clients . Still doing around 20 to 25 a week
20-25......I can't even imagine !
My regulars consist of about 6-7 people .....
I work Tues Fri Sat 10-4 - last week I did 1 hard gel client & that's it! This week I did a pedi & gel Mani (1 client doing 2 services)- that's it!!!
They other girl that I worked with quit today to go to another salon job- I'm going to be adding Thursdays to my schedule - however my average of 3-5 people was bad enough its been even less the last few weeks-- some gel polish ppl going 3 weeks- regular Mani polish ppl are really hit or miss.....I'm trying to build a clientele but at this rate I feel like I'll retire before that happens????????

How long do you give a place ?? I've been there since September 1 2013-
I hate to make a move - but I have bills to pay too.
I am hourly at least but..????

What are you offering as your services? Do you offer something special that sets you apart from everyone else?

When I started in my town, everyone was doing pink and whites, pedis and manis. That was it. I didn't have many skills so I bought myself a bunch of L'Amour colored tips. No one in my town did anything like that. So, I started doing color tips with an acrylic overlay, sometimes adding some glitter to the tip before the acrylic, some simple but impressive nail art with Stripers I got at Sally's. I did a few sets for hairdressers for free and a few for some of my friends at a discount. The word got around quickly that there was a new girl in town with some mad skills!

In no time at all, I was the nail tech to see. I was doing something different, something new and trendy. All of a sudden, I had a pretty full schedule!

Be the nail tech that is different! Find something that sets you apart from the rest! What are the other techs in your area doing? What are the other techs in your salon doing? Whatever they are doing, do something different, something unique to YOU! Never give up on the basics (manis, pedis and traditional pink and white) but take yourself farther! Take some classes or watch YouTube and get some new ideas. Even if it's something as simple as using colored tips, free nail art (by the way - that's one of the ways I built my business. Nails magazine did an article on what I do and my business model.) I included simple nail art in my price where everyone else around here charged $2 per nail and $10 per set.

This is the perfect time to start all this, too. People will be getting their tax returns in few weeks. Do a "Tax Return Special"! Full set and a fill for a combined price that will save people $$. Rebook them and get them hooked on your special customer service! Have them pay for both appointments so you can be assured they will return. If they don't, then you already have their money! (My cancellation policy includes that if someone misses their scheduled appointment and it's a gift certificate service, they forfeit the value of the appointment off their gift certificate amount. This is the same thing. You're basically selling them a gift certificate service.)

Also - and this is the most important thing ever! Do not let them leave your salon without rebooking! Manis, pedis, enhancement services should all be rebooked, even book them out as far as you can. I have pedi clients booked till the end of the year! You may have some no-shows but, as a rule, you'll see more returns than not. This is the way you'll weed out the non-committed clients from the committed ones. And we ALL want committed clients!

Think creatively, use Facebook, use the stylists in your salon, use your friends! Brand yourself as someone unique and different and go out and find the people who want YOU and what YOU do! Don't wait for the wind to blow them your way and hope they'll land on your doorstep!

This is a FANTASTIC business we are in and it's growing every day! Don't let it pass you by!

You can find me on Facebook and see my work. Friend me!

Sharon O'Rourke Frenz

P.S. Take pictures of everything you do! Have them available to show people everywhere you go! I have all my pictures on my iPhone and I'm not afraid to show them to anyone!

People are trying to recover from Christmas spending.
If you want to talk business, I think the Christmas expense thing is an excuse. It's the people who go to the fast and cheap places that put off going back because they're recovering from Christmas. Do we really want those kinds of clients?

My business can't survive without people being committed to having professional, polished and great looking nails at all times. I generally don't take walk-ins because my schedule is too full to accommodate them. Occasionally, if someone walks in and I happen to have an opening, I'll take them but generally, they aren't the clients that will rebook and return. They're used to walking in whenever they want to. I don't allow those kinds of people to control my business.

My clients are the ones who have budgeted for Christmas and they include their repeated nail services in their budgets. No matter where you live, those clients are out there! We have to not only be nail techs but also marketers. We have to decide what our market will be and give them what they want so they'll feel they can't live without us!

Don't fall back on excuses. The old saying (not so old really) "If you build it, they will come" is perfectly correct! Build what they want and they will come and come back for more!
(01-24-2014, 02:14 PM)[email protected] Wrote: OK - I've read that January is a slower month.... I'm just not sure why- your nails still need to be done? Same as hair?
Is EVERYONE experiencing this?
My sad average of 3-5 clients per week is less if you can believe that!
I'm in NJ!

we have the same issue in idaho. I make this the month I run new client specials, full set for the price of a fill etc. Yeah it sucks, but at least my days are full, I'm promoting myself and I'm making at least $28/hour.
Harmonysky is right, the only way to get ahead in this business is to set yourself apart. if you are only doing a few clients a week, you should be taking advantage of your down time to PRACTICE Smile dedicate time to work on improving your skills. recruit the cashier at your local coffee shop and offer free services in exchange for passing out your cards and promoting you to everyone who compliments her nails. Offer refferal specials to your clients to get them to market for you.

If you are excellent at what you do, and you give your clients a great service experience, they WILL tell people. If your work is outstanding, people will notice. There are so many people that offer nail services, but to be successful it doesn't matter where you work, its your workmanship that will speak for itself.

Make a resolution to start the new year off right. No more excuses! Step up your game, be determined and disciplined. The resources are at your fingertips. There are so many free videos to help you learn, use the extra time when you are slow to your advantage!

Gina Silvestro
Akzentz Distributor/Educator
Akzentz Online Store
I agree with Gina and Harmonysky, I have been doing nails for about 6 years . I would practice and practice a lot those first 2 years. My twin sister and I own a shop she does hair . The one thing my clients like the most is how I clean,that's very important . But I'm also in Mississippi so not to many do the true hard gel and there are very few small shop like ours ,most are in Wal-Mart or the mall--the discount ones . I do spoil my clients I try to remember the things that's going on in their life sometime I have to write it down on their card but it means a lot to them. I do watch You Tube a lot I alway want to better myself.I would love to take a class but not any around here ,I would love to have either one of these two ladies to learn from.

You've received some great advice so far. The only thing I can add is can you work after 4pm? I think when you're starting out, having a lot of hours available for booking is important.

I think the weather we've had this winter in the NE doesn't help either.

By the way, I'll be at IBS New York this year, working at the Harmony booth. You should stop by, it would be really nice to meet you in person.
I truly love all the help & responses U get on Here!! So first & foremost *THANK YOU * !!!
OK- where do I start I'm in a salon that is Full service and does not take appointments- has not in 27 years. Nail side is open 18 months now. She was only offering polish, pedi & gel polish- I've brought in hard gels & nail art since September. I've created an Instagram account & try to encourage her to update her Facebook- my person Social Media accounts are always showing my nail pictures, promotions, etc.... she ran 2 separate coupon promos in a small media mailer- not really great- we got 2 people & one was not reliable.
I'm currently running a few promotions:
" Nail models wanted for gel polish Mani with Nail art $15.00" & "Nail models wanted for hard gel full set or fill with nail art for $20.00". Allowing us to photograph nails for Facebook/ Instagram account.....
Also giving current clients referral rewards cards to pass out - $10 towards next service for each friend they refer & the friend gets $5 off as a thank you for trying our service.....
There was another nail tech with me who worked 10-7 Wed Thurs Fri & Sat 10-4 -- but she started getting sent home @ 6pm, then 5pm, & the last week 2pm & 3pm she quit on Saturday to go work at another salon.
I really think this salon has a lot of potential- its beautiful- 4 pedi chairs, 4 nail stations & great Spa section of products-- just no clients!
The owner is VERY old school & says that she has a build-board up & that they have been in same location 27 years-- but not everyone has lived down there 27 years- a lady was there Saturday that has lived in that town for 15 years never knew place was there....
There's a lot of NSS salons, full Service salons offering nails- they all seem to offer the same - Mani Pedi gel polish hard gels acrylic.
I offered this owner to do Nexgen Nails (dipping system I learned at another salon) she wasn't interested- I explained that only 4 salons in NJ were offering this- she didn't want to try it....I thought that might make us different--
I'm s YouTube aholic already.
I am always doing nail wheels & practicing- she hates when I "waste" products - but I explained I need to keep up!
I'm a clean freak so the nail side is immaculate....
I am hourly but don't want to start paying for advertising. I'm considering doing a local craft show to market myself- I figure I've got nothing to sell but can talk to people!!
Thanks for "listening"
And yes I'm going to IBS- I'm sooooo excited!
I know it's hard when your employer isn't willing to work with you.

In my town, there are no nail techs on commission or as hourly employees. We all rent our spaces. I'm the only tech that actually has my own stand alone business. I rented in salons for few years and decided the only way to go is to be able to control my own environment.

Maybe you should make some goals to get out on your own. It's not very expensive to start out. Put a little aside every month! It's always best to be able to shape your own destiny!
Thank u & agree with u!!
There's a very "gray" area in NJ with Booth rent-I know a few that do and @ Home salon is "illegal" so to speak & mobile too.....

I just heard from my former (as of yesterday) coworker who started in new nail salon today (it is a 1/2 American & 1/2 foreign salon - but around here not considered a NSS - very nice, clean, etc....) she was told today was a slow day-- she had 6 services to do-- and got a rebooking -OMgosh I'm jealous & happy for her!

I appreciate all the feedback- I really do!

I think short of offering nails for free - yikes - I'm doing all I can promo wise??
Thank you again!"
Well I work at a waxing only salon and waxing clients are pretty loyal people but January has been awful,mostly nails and waxing (from my perspective) is the one thing people will wait until next month for. All my waxing tech friends are sloooow right now.
I would like to go into a nail salon where I can wax and do nails but I hate that weekends are usually mandatory at nail salons. As a single parent working weekends is awful ( I tried it and it def affected my son). I was wondering if I should offer a few free manicures in my apt. building to start getting some clients. This way I wouldn't have to leave home so much on the weekend. IDK
NY Licensed Nail + Waxing Tech
Owner/Developer Suite Tee
Instagram: @SuiteTee
I do a few friends @ home - where I work is 13 miles away- there is 9 nail only salons on a road outside of my development & that's just 1 road- there's possibly 30+ salons in my town alone....
I'm finding even with my 3 days a week - frankly Saturday (other then hourly pay) is a waste of my time! And I've been in 2 other salons where Saturday was not my busiest day---- when I used to get my nails done I avoided going on a Saturday- if I did it was first thing Saturday AM....


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