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Startup info Struggles
Hello everyone, it’s a real pleasure to right you all from Spain as this is the best forum and network we’ve found, and believe me we’ve spent a big amount of time surfing trough webs.
We (my sis and I) are new in this field of nail salons and personal grooming. My sister is a specialist in high-end retail and I have more than 15 years of successful marketing experience and since y had my MBA for the last 5 years I make most my marketing and creative ideas profitable for my clients (sadly some are not so profitable).
Well with this mix of skills and what we consider one of our main values, a very important network, we have created a concept to open a nail salon with retail. The concept is nothing new but we gave our little touch that we believe can give us the key to success and hot the door to close hahahahaha. This comes from hours of market research, still to see if we are on the right path Angel
Our business plan is 95% completed with expenses and real life realities… but here is where we need help: THE INCOMES
Yes, that term that can make you dream and cheer you up opening a good wine thinking about your amazing idea that no one else on earth had…”handle this with care”…Confused
We really don’t know how to value INCOMES and PAYBACKS for our business plan in a realistic way.
So here are our considerations if anyone can help us or give us your valuable comments:
We are only going to offer hand&feet service. 3 hand services (prices:7,5€-12min. /13,50€-20min. /25,5€-35min.) 3 feet sv. (9€-15min./23,5-25min./37€-40min.) and 3 combo H&F (14,5€-30min./32,5€-45min./60€-70min.).
We’ll open from 11:00am to 11:00pm.
We’ll have 2 to 3 technicians on high hours (lunch, weekends, afteroffice, summer etc).

So with this scenario, what would you recommend?:
1. How do we employee? techs exclusively that work with us (looking and chatting to each other while no there is no clients) or independent professionals that work by commission (they make more money on their own, why would they work with us)?
2. How do we calculate an average of 3-possibility scenario (bluff, break even and success)? By hours of tech? by and average of our menu services?
3. If we work with commission techs, is it ok to pay them a fix amount when they come and the rest on commissions?
4. For our concept we really value our tech service and commitment. So what would make them happy, loyal and ambitious?

Thank you all so much, for reading and your time. Hope this is not an abuse and that this thread can be useful and a discussion area for others.
We are inpatient to share with you all our concept and hopefully one day to be able to help others.

Best regards and success to all!!!!Heart
Hello, we have the concept in mind. we are also a startup nail salon with no experience at all but we are licensed. how did everything go? did you open yet?
Hello everyone, starting up in the beauty industry can be very exciting but there are massive pitfalls which will snare even some of the professionals.
I have many friends who have started up in an outhouse and from that, they have grown their business with minimal costings and have grown it into proper clinics with some high-end equipment and many happy customers.

So there is some light at the end of the tunnel if you're willing to push through the storm.

One of the points I would make is that you do not need to purchase the most expensive equipment to deliver good treatments, by the same token you do not want to buy cheap equipment off the internet.
As a startup, you may require some help and a supply who is willing to work with you and help you along the way.
Buying equipment like laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal machines over the internet are not the ideas you should be entertaining if the equipment is poor quality or has a breakdown which is common, then your client base you have built up will have to be let down as you post your equipment away to some address in the hope it will be returned and fixed.

Make smart purchases and don't be forced into buying equipment by salesmen, do your research of equipment and your area, if there are 20 other salons offering hair removal then you will have to fight to get business and make a small profit, this would not be a wise investment.

Being the run up to Christmas is a good time to buy equipment for your salon as the new year is the busiest time and you can hit the ground running with new treatments for customers, i read a good article which explains a bit more about this

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