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Does anyone use footlogix pedicure line?
Has anyone tried the footlogix pedicure line? What do you think?
I LOVE the FootSoak, it really helps to loosen dead skin, making removal easier. I also LOVE the 3 Extra, cracked heel formula mousse. These are staple products in my salon, the mousse sells like crazy, especially this time of year.
Light Elegance Educator
Yay!!!!! Glad to hear something good out there!!!! Thanks!!!!!
I like the callus softener spray.
I absolutely love this line! I won it at a training class - and let me tell you, they made me wish I had started using them sooner. The callus remover is the best I have ever used!!! When all that dead skin falls off so easily, it makes me look like I'm a magician! Lol! Definitely a product line worth investing in and very easy to retail take-home products to clients based on their specific needs.

Bowie, MD

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