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Hi guys, I would like to ask, what are the best LED Lamps on the market?
I have the Artistic Pro 30 LED lamp. It's a 5 finger cure lamp. The lights (bulbs) are positioned inside the lamp to cure the thumbs and fingers evenly. I got it at Premier Orlando and got a show deal. Best investment ever!

Bowie, MD
Thank you! I'm still checking out some online, is that a new led lamp in the market?
That lamp is the newest in the Artistic line. Suprisingly their sister brand, Gelish, does not have the 3.0. Everyone that I know so far loves this lamp. It has a sensor that turns on the lamp as soon as you place your hand inside.

My sister just bought a Essie LED lamp, it's quite good as well. It has the same sensors on it.

I personally got the OPI LED lamp, it's very sturdy and it is at the right price right now.

(01-21-2014, 11:01 AM)skinnylove Wrote: Thank you! I'm still checking out some online, is that a new led lamp in the market?


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