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IBX System
(07-23-2014, 10:57 AM)youvegotnail! Wrote: It absolutely does what it says. All my SOG & NNO clients are using it. Actually, I've switched most of my enhancement clients to SOG's with IBX. I'm the worlds biggest skeptic when it comes to "miracles". Nails that were once wimpy are now strong and flexible. And, no, I'm not on their payroll! ;o)

Are you still using IBX and having good results? I am also skeptical of new products. After trying many gel polishes, there's one that works best for most clients.(And the rest that just take up space!) But there is always a few clients with those "wimpy" nails that no matter what I do, they peel, break, get white spots etc. If this product would solve those issues it would be great! Thanks for any feedback!
Yep, still using it. And still impressed! Just like anything else, it works better on some people and not so much on others. One new client had worn NSS acrylics for many years. It's taken a few months, but the new nail growth is strong and flexible.
The biggest hurdle is getting people to be patient and not to expect overnight miracles. It's made a believer out of me.

An aside about the heating process: I don't have room for another lamp on my table. I stole the banana holder out of my kitchen. It's kind of like this one:

Then I found a small travel blow-dryer. The dryer sits in the hook on the holder (I had to bend mine out a little so the dryer would sit snugly) Both the holder and the dryer hang on a small hook on the wall next to me. When I need to cook the IBX, I can grab them both and set them in place in all of 10 seconds or so. I set it on low and the client places their hands on the table and the distance is perfect for warming the IBX. I hope that idea helps someone, cuz it works great for me!

I googled it and it catch my attention anyone have try this? what's the result? any bad side using this ?

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