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I am looking for a strawberry soak and scrub
Does anyone know of a strawberry foot soak and scrub that smell fantastic and work great? I guess a cream would be nice also
Check with and see if they can make you a custom scrub. Their prices are very reasonable and the quality is amazing.

Bowie, MD
Thanks Chrissy, I know how great their products are, that's who i buy my scrub and mask from. I think in order to customize you need to order a large quantity. I am waiting for them to come out with new scents though. Thanks for your thoughts.
No problem! What
about Qtica? I know they make lots of scents too - maybe they have a strawberry scent?

Have you tried ordering the raw salt or sugar scrub from Dnails and then purchasing a strawberry scented oil and making your own? Dnails actually sent me samples of the salt and sugar and I added my own pure essential oil (lemon) and made my own scrub and lotion. You just have to find a distributor or oil company that sells a strawberry oil.

Bowie, MD
#5 makes a brown sugar strawberry gel scrub which I have tried. It's nice. Good company with some great products.

Keyano makes some very nicely scented products that you can really notice while performing your services. No strawberry though. Customers always comment on these products and how good they smell...
I use the Keyano chocolate and roses and champagne products. Great quality but also pricey.

Bowie, MD

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