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Light elegance gel
I received some samples of light elegance gel but wasn't told if it was soak off gel or hard gel.. They gave me cool gel (clear), glitter gel, perfect white gel and extreme pink gel. Are these all hard gels?
Yes- if you look @ the catalog or website it tells you.
And there's tutorial / info..... etc.....
I did. I just wanted to make sure. Do they have a soak off gel besides just their polish?
There's a gel called Mani-cure that I Believe Is soak off- I personally haven't tried it on anyone - but I have a sample.
The Mani-cure gel is not a soak off gel, it's a hard gel. It's a little more flexible and works well when doing rock star toes.

Bowie, MD
Ok thanks. I am new to gel so trying to figure out what would work best before i invest in it
Thanks Chrissy - I read someplace Mani-cure was & ironically in the hard catalog this clear gel is not listed with the rest of the gels & is on the same page as P2 soak off - YET doesn't say soak off ***confusing *** !
Thanks again!!!

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