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dust collector / fume vapor collector ? ? ?
Hello I've been reading through past post-- I'm confused- Lol!

Dust collector vs fume collector?
Right now @ the salon I am employed @ she has a light that has a fan that pulls up the dust-- she claims it was really expensive-- I use an efile & I have to have this practically on top & in my way to use it.... & there's still dust particles all over me & my space! The light/ dust collector has a filter on the outside & the dust is visibly sitting on the filter- after I filed I raised the light & looked up & you can see it- I'd imaging it would eventually fall back down... after SVC I took the filter out & shook it outside & popped it back in - PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!

I purchased my own for $50 off Premier Nail - its got a bag & you place hands on top-- well I swear the Dust is shooting out from under it to the side- I'm still getting some dust on me & there is some in the bag!!! Grrrr!

I currently only use gels - no acrylic- so no odors.

What is everyone using?
Hand piece attachment?
Table attachment?

I know my owner is not investing in another thing - so I'm going to have to & probably lug it back & forth.

Any suggestions?
I'm going to IBS in March ---- will there be better prices there??


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