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Gel Nail Chipped
I begin by apologizing, I am not a tech, I am a customer who lives in a remote place. I drive 40+ miles every three weeks to get my gel nails done and I can't go more often.

This morning (day 5) I chipped the polish from the corner of a nail at the end away from the cuticle. The nail chipped slightly, some is still there uncovered.

I do not have polish remotely matching the teal polish on my nails. I do have nail clippers and a file and could probably get my hands on some topcoat.

If I take the nail down a little by either clipping or filing, is the rest of the polish likely to lift or chip off? Should I just put some topcoat on? Should I do nothing and hope the nail holds together for the next two plus weeks?

Please advise. Thank you.
I would lightly file the whole nail just enough to take shine off and even out the part chipped and add top coat
Maybe give your nail tech a call. Your nail tech would be able to give you the correct advice based on what type of product you are wearing, and being the most familiar with you, your lifestyle ,etc. ,would truly be the one best suited to help you. Any one of us could give you proper advice on what to do, but your nail tech knows you best, and what will work best for you. Smile

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