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Moving from CA to Canada
I'm wondering if anyone has any information on licensing from CA to Canada. I am considering moving and was wondering what the process would be. I have family that live there and are Canadian residents. I am not even sure its possible i know they dont let people just move to their country I have not even began any research on do this. Thank you for any help you might have for me
Where in Canada exactly are you thinking of moving to? That would be helpful to know. We are a pretty big country Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
LOL .... That you are Vanderhoof BC
Well....too bad.....that's the other side of the country from me Sad I could certainly help you if you were considering Ontario. If you are strictly nails you won't have to worry about licensing in BC, so that's one less thing to think about. You'll have to look into emigration to Canada though - that's the stinker. Your family may be able to sponsor you though.

Here's a website to get you started on that:
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
I would only be doing acrylic and pedicures. No license required?
No. Most of Canada is unlicensed for nail techs. BC I believe has been de-licensed for a few years now, so you're OK.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Sadly enough, there are no licensing requirements in BC.

You sure are moving far!! Enjoy it!
Certified Amore Educator
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