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need help from long time gel users
I'm struggling with trying to figure out what I'm doing to cause this problem. When I either sculpt or tip a new extension due to it lifting off, it seems like that same nail won't adhere. It doesn't happen often, but it's so frustrating to know that I'm going to hear the same thing when they come back in and I just keep making up excuses to get by. I know most people claim they never have lifting with gels and I wish I can say that, but I can't. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or figured out why the product doesn't want to adhere after the first time they come off? Rarely does the entire product actually come off, it always stays cemented on at the free edge which takes even more time. I'm wondering if the nail plate is too smooth, shiny, damaged? They work fine on a new set, it's just over time if one comes off that it will take several attempts to get it to adhear. The client usually floods the nails with super glue to hold it till they come in again, and I just hate that. I have used linkage up to last month and switched to YN protein bond due to the wasted product before I can get it all used. This is something that I've been experiencing for years. I use Christio hard gel if that's a concern for anyone.
Good question- I have had this happen on a friend- 2 x!
I just got a sample of Christrio ---side note --- how do you like it? Still using it? Did you contact them to trouble shoot?
(01-04-2014, 07:32 PM)[email protected] Wrote: Good question- I have had this happen on a friend- 2 x!
I just got a sample of Christrio ---side note --- how do you like it? Still using it? Did you contact them to trouble shoot?

I do like it, one step, thin, self leveling, minimal heat spikes and the price is very good. They have the best glitter liner in platinum and 24K gold. Have not contacted them on the trouble shooting. I use straight alcohol for my wipe and figure they will just tell me I need to use their wipe, lol.
Thanks for the info!
When this happened to my friend 2 x's - I used YN protein bond 2 coats & all stayed on fine! I always hear people talk about that working for problem lifts & you can do UV light with protein bond too.
If using Christrio & this happens try a bonder?
Oh I also use a sciver bit to prep cuticle that is awesome--
Ctonramk: where'd you purchase your sciver bit from?

Bowie, MD
Gina Silvestro - its an Erica. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing!!!
Thanks doll!!! I was wondering if it was the one Gina uses but wanted to be sure. ;-) I can't wait to order mine!!

Bowie, MD

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