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Mabeline, Loreal and Revlon Polishes
Hi all, would any of you recommend using any of the Maybeline, Loreal and Revlon nail polishes for professional varnish on clients? Also does anyone know about the Dahlia nail polishes? Is it a good brand for professional use? Thank you
I wouldn't use those brands on clients for a few reasons. Those brands are usually considered "cheap" to people,even though they are comparably priced to Essie. Also, they don't have the reputation of the well known brands. Last the color selections is smaller.
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When I started doing nails.... there was nothing like the proliferation of nail polishes available today.
I thought only Loreal had the spread and wear to serve as a salon polish but I have not used in many many years.
One good point, the availability of the product, clients can pick on up if they need a bottle for touch ups.
It is interesting isn't it, clients used to bring in Revlon, Maybeline... Yikes... trying to get a good result with poor quality polish... same with the cheap cheap salon brands...

now consider, OPI is owned by Coty.... owner of Sally Hanson's
I know quite a few techs, including myself, who use Sinful nail polish - which is under $2 and sold in beauty supply stores as well as Walmart and the Dollar Tree. It's a Revlon product, and the quality isn't bad. They have tons of unique colors to choose from, so I get to create some pretty nail art with them.

I use professional polishes (I use Misa nail laquer) but if a client brings in a color from one of those brands, I'll use it. That way they can touch up at home if they want to. I just let the client know I prefer to use professional products when performing a professional service that way I can stand behind the quality of my work - especially with natural nail services, cuz that's where it really matters.

Bowie, MD
I have used revlon on my toes and it holds up until I remove it. I cannot go more than 1 day until OPI chips on my fingers. My friend buys polish at the dollar store and her clients have never complained.

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