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License Renewal
Has any ever not received a renewal notice in the mail??

I have never gotten a notice and just now discovered that my licensed expired March 2012 and was cancelled on March 2013. Any suggestions?? Huh

I have sent questions to DOL and they said its a "courtesy" that they mail out renewals. I have spoken to several nail tech, stylist and estheticians and no one has never not gotten a renewal.

That has happened to me. I was living in DC and moved to Maryland. I used my granny's address to keep on file with state board. Granny is 86 - and well, let's just say she forgot to give it to me when it came in the mail (she stashed it in a junk drawer). I was helping her sort through papers and came across the notice one year later! I was livid! I had to pay a reinstatement fee plus a renewal fee and a late fee - which cost me quite a bit. I hold 4 licenses, so I have to make note of which ones are due every two years on even years and odd years. Thanks to iPhone technology, I just set a reminder so I don't forget and I renew it online. That way, I don't get hit with any late fees. DC and Maryland are the only ones I get a notice for. It's a hassle to have to deal with an expired license, so I totally feel your pain!

Bowie, MD
I'm in Washington state. I've been emailing with someone but so far they aren't willing to help me out. Last reply was that I need to take my written and state board exams again.
For a one year lapse? No way! In South Carolina, you have to have been inactive for 10 years before you have to retake the practical exam again. Now I have a cosmetology license so maybe that's why it's longer. I hope you can find someone else who will be more helpful.

Check the Nails Big Book 2013-2014. In the state board directory section, they lost a contact person for each state board. Start there and see if you can't get some assistance. Good luck!!

Bowie, MD
It's happened to me in the past that I didn't get a notice but I moved around the area a lot and was watching for it so I was ok and on time. I had a suspicion that my license might fall through the cracks if I didn't. Sorry this happened to you.
I'm in Florida and just had a year lapse. Not only do they remind you, but a couple continuing ed people start sending me stuff when it's time. I'll never let it lapse again, cost me like $50 in late fees and stuff

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