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Age/life of product, Pro Linc Callus Eliminator
Some of you have a lot of chemical knowledge....
do you have a source that can help decode the age of this bottle? Or know the actual time period of effectiveness?

I've been having a problem receiving/purchasing old product... dried glues, dried polish, dried up gel polish....
Received a bottle of Pro Linc's Callus Eliminator recently from a seller who sent dried up EZ Flow Resin and a bottle of dried out China Glaze ridge filler (esp since I asked them to check and not send old product)....
Contacted ProLinc to ask what the numbers on the bottom of the bottle mean.....
OK15B (or 8?) then S1 (or 51?)
I have left messages at ProLinc's website several times over a month, no response. Email to aiibeauty, the manufacturer, made no sense at all, told me ""Please locate an image of a container with an open lid. "" They say the product does not have an expiration but it has a shelf life... so it "expires" we just don't use that word?
"There you will find a number with the letter M. This will indicate the number of months the product is good for after the bottle has been opened."
No further response from them....

I don't get it...

It is not to the advantage of any manufacturer to have customers trying to get good results from old product. I would like to know if the bottle of Callus Eliminator I also purchased is good before I open it. I had doubts because the bottle is kind of collapsed... dips in around the middle.

Compare it to Body Drench, e-mailed about a gallon of lotion that turned to water... the responded quickly and helped me deal with the seller, the date on the bottom of the gallon meant it was 6 years old.... I received a replacement. I was impressed, they take the quality of their product seriously.

Many Distributors don't turn their inventory quick enough to accomodate the need for fresh products. I always suggest you make sure the MFG will stand by their products, regardless of where they were purchased....excluding mail order and/or amazon.
Some products are good for 1-2 years from "date of open". Other products start a shelf life as soon as they are produced and bottled. Typically most Distributors will not know this information, you would need to contact the mfg.
Lotions of any kind tend to go rancid very quickly. Which, is one of the reasons I never bought gallons unless I knew I would go through it quickly. If you are purchasing dried glue and resins from "anyone", I would hesitate going through that Distributor at all. Usually not a good sign.
Know your source and if they aren't willing to help or get answers for you, go elsewhere. There are a lot of good Distributors out there. But, I would again beware of mail order (catalogue) and amazon.
FYI, while Body Drench is also an AII owned product, each product line has their own support employees.. AII owns Body Drench far longer than pro-linc.. they also own China Glaze among others.. if you are not getting any satisfaction by email, I would phone them. They do stand behind all their products..
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Funny.... still no reply and China Glaze was one of the old products I was sent, I posted the pic of the dried up bottle of ridge filler...

do you know someone there?
I'm tired of working my way though the initial staff who don't know and don't bother
like the email so far... when a company has staff who do not handle a question at first it makes a poor impression... like having a bad receptionist....

I had a good contact there, but she has moved on now unfortunately.. what about the distributor?? they should take it back.. email e private maybe I can help.. no promises tho!

Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results


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