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need advice to get started to be nail tech ! please
Hello everyone,I live in Seattle,Washington. I'm 25 years old and i love beauty field.I'd like to become a nail technician and may be move forward to be esthetician later.
But I need some advice about how to become nail technician.There is one beauty school in my area called Vuu's beauty school that I'm interested in.I'm wondering if the school I go to will have any effects when I apply for job? since this school is very convenient for my transportation.
And What I'v to do next after I pass the test and get the license?
like how to get the job,how to bargain with salary and also insurance if I want to do mobile nail too etc.
I really have no ideas about these processes at all. I just have only passion for it. Thank you so much.I'm glad I found this site.Rolleyes
The school I went to was OK- not many in my area either- the school will give you the basics- the book knowledge- and a start to hands on for sure! However- getting out & working & usingnmy friends & family by far did me more good in learning... ironically this page, Facebook pages & YouTube, trade shows, nail company websites for tutorials have helped a lot!!!
As far as salary - that's more defined in your area- a lot of people are on a commissioned only based *typical is 50%* takes a while to build so maybe a place offering salary first is better then 50% because 50% of no clients is $0.....
I started school in September and in my state was able to work on a permit before graduating- got a pt job in February, graduated in April & passed practical test in June.... Here there's a TON of NSS all over however there's plenty of salons looking for nail techs-- like I said straight commission is tricky--
Good luck! I'm sure you will love it- its fun and rewarding!!
Thank you so much for your comment . You're so lucky to get pt time job before graduate Smile So for salary,how it should be for new grad like me later? I saw most salons here pay hourly+commision.Is it ok?
Anyway,I'll be ready for the class excited Thank you so much
I'm wondering will I be able to take the test and get license if I graduate from beauty school which's not accredited. Thank you so much
I did not get licensed in Seattle originally, so I can't answer questions about that, but I have worked here for the last six years. 50% commission is pretty unusual here. 35% is the highest I have ever made.

I can strongly recommend Julep Nail Parlor for techs who are just starting out. They are pretty nice to work for, stay pretty busy, pay decently, and have a really awesome benefits package for full time employees. InSpa isn't too bad either, but some locations are busier than others, and their benefits aren't as good. Both will hire right out of school and give good training. Both tend to have frequent openings.

I use hands on trade association for my liability coverage. It's 175 a year. If you are an employee somewhere you won't need it. Whether or not your school is accredited will not matter for licensing. That mostly just affects whether or not you can get federal financial aid.
Hi. I don't think it matters what school you go to... It matters your involvement. Ask questions, practice, practice, practice! I am in the Seattle area - specifically Kent, WA. I went to Renton Beauty School about 23 years ago. I got out of it what I put into it.

If you would like a mentor - just call me. I'd be happy to help.

Nails By Design
23812 - 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design


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