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OPI at Sally's
I am Super disappointed to see OPI move into Sally Beauty Supply. Even more so than Target and Wal-Mart. At least they were not undercutting my prices but now anyone with a Sally card can purchase it for 4.50. That is what I pay! I'm so angry and OPI rattles on and apologizes and speaks to continuing professional support but it's all meaningless. I'm dumping my stock. I'll buy vinylux instead. I paid over 2000.00 for my waterfall and it's worthless to me now. Thanks OPI. Angry
You have to have a pro card to purchase for $4.50
Even at full price it's cheaper than standard retail and their member price is lower than that. 7.99 is full retail price there.
On their website i saw $8.99 and $7.99 with beauty club card. $9 is typical retail and customers pay $5 a year for the beauty Club card. I'm happy to have another place to purchase if cosmo or salon centric is out of a color.
It was $8.99 when I went into Sally's last weekend. I hate to see it there as well, but if I need a color, it's good to know I can more than likely get it there vs going to a CosmoProf, which is a distance from where I live. It's only polish. Now when Sally's starts selling the items that I use as a professional to do my job, like Bond Aid and Bondex,not OPI liquid and powder, then I would stop using those products altogether. You can buy OPI polish at a salon, so why is it a big deal now that it's at Sally's? The only reason a tech should be upset is that they lose their retail commission. Other than that, I'm not phased by it.

Bowie, MD

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