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Switch Salons?
Ok so I found out that a few salons around town offer booth rental at $200/mo for nail tech. Right now I have my own very small room, enough room to do pedi's and manis.... with a sink. I pay $385 a month. I don't have a huge clientele since I just started on my own in February.. and some of them are my clients because they get their hair done at the salon that I'm in. The salon I'm in is not updated at all and I have my sink clogging all the time.. however, I really enjoy working there with the exception of 2 "highschool acting girls", but they are upstairs so I don't really see them.

My dilemma... I'm going to check out another salon tomorrow. Is it worth changing salons to save money? I mean, I'm really not making much money as it is right now. It's nice to have my own room, but is it worth the extra money?

Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!!
I've read on here that you can expect to lose 20% of your clientel when you move locations. Most likely you might lose the clients who get their hair done where you're at now, unless they're willing to try a new place. If your work is good enough, and the other salon isn't too far, they may follow. On the other hand, if the other salon is a full service salon, you stand to gain more clientel there which will make up for any losses you might have by moving. Also, is the other salon a step up in quallity? If it is, that usually equates to more money to be made there. Is there another tech already there? That could have a negative impact. Is the cost the same? Have you asked the owners of the current salon to simply fix the sink? It could be something as easy as running a drain snake down it to get the clog broke loose.
Right now your room @ $385 is private, and all yours, one you can and should decorate, paint and make estheticaluy pleasing, if you haven't already. Unfortunately on your dime. But hey, it's all yours then. The landlord needs to maintain the equipment you rent, so they ought to take care of that sink issue for you, easier said than done sometimes. It's nice I bet to have a location you like and have a room to yourself ( I assume it's private ). If you move and you pay half the rent, will you lose out on privacy? It's one of those situations where only you can decide if the move is right for you. If you will like the new places, if they offer what you need or want, and if you like the difference from where you are now. Hope it goes well in the decision making, I am never very good at that.
I'm so not good at decision making :roll: I always feel like I should've went the other way, but at least I learn. I'm going to check the other place out today, as it is $185 mo cheaper and it is a step up or two in quality. Thanks for the input!
So this past Saturday I went in to work... found mouse/rat droppings on my pedi station and in where I store my chemicals, etc. YUK. AND... now the owner wants us to chip in for toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom. I already supply every piece of furniture, supply, etc for my room. And we have to buy the water for the water cooler. Pretty sure I just made my decision to move on.... thanks everyone.
Wow! Those are pretty expensive rat dropping :lol:

No way would I pay that kind of money per month for those kind of conditions.

It sounds like you do need to move on. Just give it some thought, don't go rushing into it, plan it out fully to avoid too much impact on your income.
Once you know where you are going, you can then plan your grand opening of your new place and plan some ways to get those new clients coming in.

I'm sure it will all work out for you and in a years time you will look back and ask yourself why you stayed in the old place for so long.
You definitely do not need the stress of coming to work and having to spend time cleaning your equipment and cleaning up rat poop before you even start your day.
I would find it hard to give up a private room and a place where most got along, but after this last incident and requests from the owner to pay more money out for what should have already been included in your rent, I'd have to say you are making a good decision.

Wishing you the best.
Wow..I just started at a nail salon & the owner wants to charge $125/wk for 6mo no discount & then go up to $175/wk & thats the average here...smh..
I knew this was too high..but I would rather do this than commission..

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