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e-file recommendations
I Am A Newly Licensed Nail technician In WNY & Am Interested In Purchasing My First Nail Drill. I Need One That Can accommodate Left Handed Person & Is Light Weight As I Am Mobile. Any Suggestions On brands & Where Can I purchase A Reasonable prices One (I Know I Will Have Pay More For Good Quality one) Thanks!
Try Brian @ Atwood Industries. Good efiles, not too pricey.
Call around to a few of the beauty supply stores in your area. I got mine for less than half the price it originally was, because the company came out with a new model and they were trying to get rid of the old model. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, it was just a different color than the new ones!
I live in my own little world, but its okay they know me here Wink
I'm a mobile tech as well and I have Erica's M1...cute, lightweight, and comes with a waste holder so you don't have to worry about it being on a surface. I charge it up and the battery lasts for 9 hours! So no cords to worry about. I got a show deal and this is my first e-file.

Even though I like this e-file, I strongly suggest shopping around and getting a feel for the hand pieces. I wish I had done that a lot more before purchasing mine. You have to know what you're purchasing...after all, it's an investment.

Good luck!

Bowie, MD

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