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Something wrong with nails
Hey Everyone, I have been having a problem with a clients nails.
They are dry and peeling. I have tried everything and I am out of ideas. Except I think it might be more than dry nails.( see pics) She has not had artificial product on her nails for over a year now. Her polish starts peeling off the next day. I do know she does not wear gloves for cleaning house which I am working on convincing her to do so. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Thank you, Jackie

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[Image: jackie1020_1.jpg]
[Image: jackie1020_2.jpg]
Have you thought it may be the polish? Peeling nails can be caused from various things; added stress on the hands, harsh chemicals (cleaning products), excessive water (does she sit in a hot tub often), insufficient nutrients, seasons, some medications, infection and of course artificial nail enhancements & nail polish...just to name a few.
If she were my client, I would suggest she stop using any nail polish and/or artificial enhancements. In other words, NOTHING on her nails. She needs to hydrate them. Footlogix nail tincture is a great product for this AND, it wouldn't hurt to yes, wear gloves when cleaning etc. etc. and keep her hands hydrated.
With these changes, I am confident she will see improvement.
This def looks like more than just dry nails. She has no lunula that I can see, which, together with the white striations makes me think it is probably related to her health. A few of her joints look crooked - does she have RA that you know of? She should have her dr assess at her next appointment.

I had that problem with my nails when I started taking a new medication. Is it just the nails on her hands or is it her toenails also?
I live in my own little world, but its okay they know me here Wink
(11-19-2013, 11:41 AM)jessicam981 Wrote: I had that problem with my nails when I started taking a new medication. Is it just the nails on her hands or is it her toenails also?

Just her fingernails. No new meds either.
All the peeling seems to be in the same place on each nail. Do you know if she went somewhere else and got gel polish or enhancements and did not have it removed properly? That's what it looks like me, gel polish that was peeled off or acrylic that was pried off. That part needs to grow out IMO.

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