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Getting back in the business and need a mentor
I am getting back into doing nails since being away from it for many years. I am looking for a mentor to help fill in some of the gaps with the newest products and newest techniques. I am located in the San Jose, CA area. If you know of anyone or are able to I would love it.
I'm not in CA, but eager to assist. Contact me with any questions. [email protected]
Thanks so much for your reply. I just emailed you!
Lorena Marquez is in Watsonville and I'm in Carmel.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
Hi Jaime,

For some reason I didn't realize you were in Carmel. I have been reading a lot of your blog and website information and find it very helpful. If at all possible I would love to pick your brain a bit?



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