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Gel polish peeled off

I recently completed a set of gelish nails. I followed all the instructions carefully and methodically but within 8 hours the gel polish began to peel Angry.
I have recently purchased new uv bulbs.
I capped the edges (although maybe not well enough)
Could I have put the layers on to thick?
I was wary of buffing the nail to much so I did this very lightly, should I have buffed the nails more?
I would appreciate any advice, thank you
Sounds like you may have applied it too thick if it peeled off all of the nails. Did you prep the natural nails properly and use a bonding agent before the service? Also, did you do a dry wipe prior to applying your first coat of color? I find that doing a dry wipe really does help the color adhere when applied thinly. I love Gelish and had peeling problems when I first started using it because I applied it too thick and I wasn't dry wiping.

I hope this helps.

Bowie, MD
Dry wiping the foundation layer after the curing is a big step in making your Gelish work well. Also making the first coat of color very thin, and I mean ugly streaky thin, is important with some of the more pigmented colors. If all the nails peeled, rather than just one or two, I would be inclined to think that the layers were applied a bit thick and did not bond to the nail properly rather than point to the free edge capping as the culprit. Try the dry wiping trick and do your application thinly and if it still peels, then we can explore some options. Good luck!
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