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Seasonal breakage
I remember the last few years as the weather gets colder and drier, my clients both hard gel and acrylic seem to have a lot of breakage. Compared to almost non that is. I'm starting to see it already this year. I encourage cuticle oil usage, to the point that I GIVE each and every client a bottle of solar oil and stress the importance of its use. I also demonstrate how to use it, not only on the cuticle, but on the bottom of the nail and around the free edge. I should mention I'm in Colorado, already being zapped with static electricity, it's quite dry. Any suggestions on additional steps or measures I should take going into these winter months?
Ask them to wear gloves before they go outside. I think the big difference from outside temp and heat inside can cause this.
I've noticed when it is really dry (Santa ana winds or cold winter) some client's nails curl more and I see separation on sides of free edge, some times cracks there.
I'd see more cracks in coatings (though not gel) on clients who ski
I was never sure if it was the equipment or climate
also more at Holidays "but I wasn't doing anything I don't normally do" no, just putting up the tree, decorating (big boxes out of garage), cooking for 20, cleaning....

I had them using glue to fill the space (curl), clean, dry first... but most don't bother
extra lotion does not seem to make much difference, if they really did actually use it

I'd imagine extreme cold... does make all things less flexible, would really make a difference
Keeping the nails and hands hydrated is of utmost importance. Suggest they use a cuticle oil on a regular basis and a hand lotion which will penetrate into the epidermas layers of the skin. Footlogix #19 massage formula is a nice recommendation.

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