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What are your biggest challenges as a Nail Tech?
The biggest challenge I am presently facing as a Nail Tech?

Dealing with all the bad mindedness and bitchiness on Facebook, particularly the nail pages.
My Biggest Challenges:
TIME- I am always running behind and it's getting worse the longer I'm doing nails.
SPEED- I am taking longer to do clients instead of increasing my speed.
* I believe this is all do to my biggest challenge:
PERFECTIONISM- I seriously believe this is a curse. I am always trying to do everything perfect, no matter how much or how little time I have. I get in a zone of doing the nails and nothing else matters. I will never cut anyone short on quality because I don't have the time. If I know I have a break after an appointment I usually use that extra time on that client to make her nails "more perfect"
Huge challenge for me doing nails, actually huge challenge in most parts of my life.
-Keeping my client positioned in front of me properly. They start out fine, but then they sit back to get comfortable and look around or they reach down in their purse to do who knows what. Very frustrating.
-My eyesight has been very challenging the last few years. I can't stand progressives or bifocals so now I wear my regular glasses with a pair of reading glasses over them. The arms are a very thin wire that easily slide right in there with my other pair. My regular clients are used to it, but it sure makes for a lot of laughs when people look at me for the first time. I've tried so many different things and so far this seems to work the best. Until I find something better, because I'm always looking for that "perfect" thing.
Thanks for letting me vent, Kelly*

(10-27-2013, 03:06 PM)harmonysky Wrote: I don't compete with any other salon or nail tech because I'm NOT like any other salon or nail tech.

-I take appointments because the time I have for you is set aside JUST for you.

-I sanitize and disinfect exceeding our state board requirements and I tell you WHY I do it.

-I do custom nail designs so when you walk down the street you won't see yourself coming and going.

-I go to as many education classes as I can so I'm up on all the trendy and unique styles.

-The customer service in my salon is the best you will find in my town or anywhere!

-I have consistent pricing as opposed to "a la carte". You know what you'll be paying even before you're finished.

Somebody else may try to run their business like I do but they can't, because I'm me and they are them. The people who come to me are the ones who want what I offer.

As soon as I began to believe that of myself and sold myself that way, is when I began to have a full schedule.

Don't compare yourself to the places that don't do what you do. Those are not the people who will come to you! Find your style, make yourself the best at it than anyone else and then market yourself to the people who appreciate your expertise.

you are awesome that is what i needed to hear!!! Could you share your prices I am in process of making mine and want to stay at the prices not vfluctuate like you said!
thanks again if you rather email me it is [email protected]

I agree with everything everyone else said lol!!

No shows-- thank you for taking up a nearly 3 hour time slot for an entire week only to not show up and now Im sitting on my a$$ not getting paid. I don't get an hourly wage. You wouldn't do this to your dentist, so why is it ok to do it to me?

Exhaustion/Sore back-- face it this job is physically and emotionally exhausting. New game face over and over with no break, no time to eat, hunched over, playing shrink and filing away at a callus. I am spent at the end of my day.

Lack of time for me to focus on improving my work-- I am a single mom, the nights my daughter goes to her dad's I am at the salon very late. The last thing I have a drop of energy to do is more nail related things when I get home. I want to practice nail art and improve on acrylics ....

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