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Black gel polish
Does anyone know of a black LED gel polish that will cover in one coat? Gelish and Opi takes 3 coats to cover. Then it ends up looking and feeling thick. I'm desperate for a really good coverage black. Any help will be much appreciated!
Thank you
I love nails!
Mani q by youngnails has a black that covers in two I believe
Sbwalnuss, thank you so much. As much as I love YN, for me, mani q is very difficult to remove. However, I will try it if I can't find anything else,
Thank you!!
I love nails!
Gel Two has an awesome black complete coverage in two coats, will try to upload a pic of some flame nails with the black as a background.[Image: photo.php?fbid=10201459485801375&set=a.3...=3&theater] Right click on image to see it.
Awesome! I picked up about 10 gel II colors in Vegas at the IBS. I will order some.
Thank you!!
I love nails!
I like YN ManiQ Black more than anything. I can get full coverage in one coat and it never wrinkles when curing. I have no problem removing it at all.

As long as you only use Protein Bond on the very end of the free edge, it comes off as easily as any other gel polish.
young nails maniQ is my favorite too, no shrinking, wrinkling & cures 30 sec in an led lamp, I also use protein bond on the very end of the free edge.
When I was at the nailtech event in Gatlinburg Light Elegance educator Jane had black on her nails and it was light elegance paint, 1 coat and it was dark and pretty, I don't think it's led curable thoughSmile
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
Akzentz Luxio NOIR is pitch black, LED, cures in 30 seconds. You *can* do it in 1 coat but I'm picky so I always do 2 coats.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator

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