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Before and After pics
This poor girls were trashed from a popular Chop shop in town. I want to tell the world where, but in fear of a lawsuit of slander, I will only tell clients instead of the public. Doesnt seem right, does it?
I did use Elite opaque powders to cover the damage and the pink is just beautiful and oh so easy to work with.

Also wanted to add, these were the tiniest nails I have ever used acrylic on. Size 5 tips were the largest I used.

[img][Image: 1391687_10151954259609297_1064767287_n_zps37b5d227.jpg][/img]

[Image: 1385507_10151954260109297_454958976_n_zpsbd6b707f.jpg]
Wow awesome!
thank god you saved what nail beds she had left.Smile beautiful.
Wow! Great Job!
Its only slander if it is untrue...
defamation of character:
False statement(s) made by one
person about another. In court, the
plaintiff must prove that (1) the
defendant made an untrue
statement of fact about the plaintiff
and (2) the statement was
intentionally or accidentally
published to a third party.
Oral defamation of character.
A false statement that appears in a
letter, newspaper, magazine, book,
photograph, movie, video, and so on.

That cover pink looks so natural. Very close to natural nail bed color; very nice! I would believe that it was just clear over her nail bed.
Thank you for the slander claification. A client needs to turn them into the state, although I doubt they will do anything about it.
I really like this Elite acrylic line. I bought the trial kit and have used it on a few people including myself and the opaque pink is amazing. Its the first one since Entity that I have really liked. It goes on smoothly and files like butter.

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