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Slow Setting Acrylic
Can anyone tell me if EZ Flow is a slow setting acrylic? Or if you use a slow setting acrylic, what kind do you use? I'm getting back into acrylics and need something that sets a little slower until I can perfect my application. Thanks!

Bowie, MD
So nobody uses a slow setting acrylic??

Bowie, MD
I really can't tell you whether EZ Flow is slow set. Elite's acrylic is a med. set time, which is what I use. I personally don't like slow set, I felt like I was chasing it on the nail. Maybe I didn't have the ratio right or something, but I like to work a bit faster than that.
I remember Tammy Taylor having 5 or 6 different liquids to chose from. Designed for fast set, slow set, etc. I'd definitely check there.
I have found I can use just about any liquid and powder combination and make it set slow or fast depending on temperature of the room. With the exception of Tammy Taylor. It works the way it is designed. My favorite for slow set is Young Nails core powders with Young Nails liquid. Hope this helps
April, Nails by April

I used EZ flow for a while and I love their powders. They were perfect for the time after finishing school. they don't necessarily set slower but when working wet you do have a lot of work time.
Thanks so much ladies! I appreciate it, all of your input is extremely useful!

Bowie, MD
With most systems, you can get a good amount of work time ifyou get the proper consistency (ratio) for that system. I hear a lot of students and returning techs looking for "slow" setting acrylic, when the real issue they should be concerned with is PROPER MIX RATIO. This is not effectively taught in a lot of schools. Personally, I would not recommend a slow setting system unless your climate calls for it. Getting used to a slow setting system could prevent you from naturally increasing your speed. Focus on studying YouTube videos on mix ratio. Most of the good ones will have an experienced tech taking her/his time and completing a sculpt properly with the regular or even fast speed system, and you'll see how much time they take is more than you think. The key is not necessarily how "fast" or "slow" it sets up, but whether or not the mix ratio is right.
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Detroit, MI

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@ jgayle01 You are absolutely right! I am still trying to master that with the system I am using. I also got a larger brush, but again, it's all about getting your ratios correct. Thanks so much for your advice. I'm already watching the professional YouTube videos and practicing daily. I've also attended a few smaller pro workshops, so I'll get it down eventually...practice makes perfect, right? ;-)

Bowie, MD
Ez flow is very slow setting imho. I would say 5-6 minute drying time.
Be sure to check out Young Nails videos....GREAT tutorials!
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Yes they are! I have several of their DVDs....Tammy Taylor too! Thanks for the suggestion!!

Bowie, MD
I'm using the OPI Clarite system, which I'm told is not the best. It IS slow setting, however.
I second Elite acrylic. There is no need to worry about the right ratio, It easy to work with. Does not set to slow or to fast. It self levels beautifully and stays in place! As well as good price.
Thank you ladies for all of your comments and suggestions. I truly appreciate it!

Bowie, MD
This link is to a promotional video for a longer online video on acrylic mix ratio by Carl Anderson (Nailzoo). I have the full version of this one and the brush video. I think they are awesome and could be helpful to you.
@jb100680 Thank you so much!! And thank you again everyone else. I'm going to master my ratios and perfect my craft if it's the last thing I do!!

Bowie, MD
I have those videos as well. They are great, well worth the investment.
Love Carl's (Nailzoo) videos! I have both and look forward to him having more!

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