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**Tea Tree Oil??
I have a question for those who might know...I always hear tea tree oil is good for some types of nail fungus...Is it good to put some so to prevent it OR if you have some minor type of fungus it could minimize it???
Tea Tree is an antifungal antimicrobial essential oil.

This is taken from Ingredients To Die For:
"Tea Tree essential oil has many uses and is extremely versatile, with applications ranging from soothing insect bites, to calming the inflammation of acne, to treating dandruff, and everything in between. Along with being an effective treatment for skin irritation and inflammation, Tea Tree is also a fantastic immune system stimulant and has been used, for decades, by the French, as the treatment of choice, at the first sign of a cold, or other immune assault. Tea Tree essential oil has a very broad antimicrobial activity, being effective against bacteria, mold and fungus."

That being said decide - personally I think it can't hurt but we have to be careful not to diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. It can be used neat or diluted ...I often put a few drops in my cuticle oil for my personal use. HTH!
the best things in life, aren't things ...
If you are going to use any essential oil, as mentioned, it is important to dilute it with a carrier oil. Neem and coconut oil are great choices. Here is a good article on it. Also be sure to use HIGH quality oils. This should be for personal use only.
I don't intend to use it on anyone, of course we are not to diagnose or prescribe...I was just wondering if it is for preventing or could heal it in some way..
There are several EOs which are safe used neat - Tea Tree & Lavender are such ...but yes, the majority should be diluted significantly - great point Melissa!
the best things in life, aren't things ...
Many do think it's effective, on SOME of those issues, I'm all for using natural products alongside modern medical treatments (for myself, of course!). Remember, though, that there are many different kinds of fungus and also that fungus infections are actually a sign that something on/in the body is going wrong. Everyone has fungus living on their skin, some are affected by it, others are not.

I've had clear bumps along my jaw line ever since I was a teenager (I'm 42 now) - it's not visible to anyone else, but I can feel them with my fingers. I always thought it was some kind of acne, until I started using coconut oil on my face last year and they went away overnight! Coconut oil (organic, high quality) is also antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti fungal (as is honey fyi) - when I did some reading I found out about the bumps actually being caused by fungus that actually live on and in everyone!!? and that some people are more sensitive to it and can have various issues. Makes me glad now that I never chased my tail trying to cure this "acne" because I wouldn't have thought in a million years that I had fungus on my face.

As for Tea Tree oil - I've never personally used it. I first heard about it from some Cosmo's that I worked with that were recommending it to clients to treat toenail fungus. Not good. I was so disgusted about that, that even seeing a product with that ingredient makes me not want to buy it.
Nail Tech/Owner
I have a client who seems to have pterygium, or something of fungal sort because of the standard nail lifting and she swears by the use of tea tree oil for this.

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